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Step by Step Food Truck Business Checklist - Malaysia

Greetings on your venture into the world of food trucks! Embarking on the journey of opening a food truck is truly commendable, and we're here to offer our congratulations.

The food service industry is dynamic, inventive, and full of energy—a fantastic arena to establish and grow a business, especially in the realm of food trucks. However, turning a profit can be challenging, given the intense competition in the industry.

Now, more than ever, aspiring business owners need to meticulously assess all the factors essential for a successful food truck launch. With confidence and thorough preparation, your chances of achieving your goals increase significantly.

Our aim is to eliminate the uncertainties associated with opening a food truck. From crafting your business plan and obtaining permits to selecting a point-of-sale (POS) platform and securing funding, we are here to guide you through the initial stages and pave the way for success in the restaurant industry.

This comprehensive Food Truck Opening Checklist encompasses considerations for every stage of the process, from the initial planning phase to the day you serve your inaugural guest. Whether you prefer a digital approach or a printed version kept on your desk, feel free to use the checklist in a way that suits you best.

Without further ado, let's dive into the process of launching a food truck.

Key Considerations Before Launching Your Food Truck

Before delving into menu planning or configuring your space, it's crucial to understand the motivation behind your decision to open a food truck. While becoming a food truck business owner requires determination and persistence, meticulous planning stands out as the most crucial aspect.

Here are some early-stage questions to contemplate on your journey.

Tip: Jot down your answers so you can refer back to them later in the process.

  • What will my food truck concept be?

  • What cuisines will my food truck offer?

  • What will I name my food truck?

  • What is the mission of my food truck?

  • What will my brand be?

  • Who is my target customer?

  • What is my pricing strategy?

  • What is my unique product/service opportunity?

  • What are some of my favorite food trucks and businesses — and what makes them special?

To do: 

  1. Write a food truck business plan: Industry analysis, Marketing plan, Operations plan, Financial analysis and Goals 

  2. Create a budget, identifying the money needed to open the food truck as well as 6-12 months of operating expenses

  3. Buy a web domain to use for your website → Keep this simple, such as your food truck name, so potential guests can easily find you online 

  4. Create your social media accounts and claim your handles → Much like your web domain, keep this simple —@YourFoodTruckName is ideal 

  5. Research the geographic area, neighborhood, and other businesses you’d like to operate in  

  6. Gather info on existing food trucks and restaurants in the area you’re looking to open 

  7. Research what to expect to spend on opening your food truck. Be sure to include things like equipment, inventory, and labor 

  8. Hire a graphic designer to create your logo and visual branding assets. Or you can opt for free online tool to create your logo.

4 Months Before Launch Food Truck Business

Now that you have the fundamental aspects covered, it's time to shift your focus to funding and financing. Financing involves obtaining money from external sources to initiate, expand, support, or renovate your food truck business.

To do:

  1. Source and purchase or rent food truck. Begin any necessary build out.

  2. Get the applicable licenses and permits for your food truck, which may include: Business license/ bandaraya permit for food truck operation, etc.

  3. Write a financial plan including estimated totals for each aspect of your business 

  4. Open a business bank account 

  5. Determine which financing option is best for you. Self-finance, a term loan from bank, government funding options for small business, crowdfunding, etc.

3 Months Before Launch Food Truck Business

Things are getting real! It's time to make crucial decisions regarding the location of your food truck and the components that will comprise it.

To do:

  1. Create a food truck design

  2. Purchase equipment , which may include: Ovens and ranges, Fryers, Grills and flat top, Freezers and refrigerators, Food processors, Sinks, Mixers, Slicers, Knives, Storage containers, Kitchen display system, Washing equipment, Storage racks and shelving, Fire extinguishers, etc.

  3. Begin sourcing food and beverage inventory

  4. Identify and procure suppliers

  5. Research point of sale (POS) platforms for your food truck

  6. Start planning your menu

  7. Reach out to event planners about serving at their location

  8. Research on location to park your food truck

Two Months Before Launch Food Truck Business

This period is dedicated to staffing and refining operational processes.

To do:

  1. Finalize your build out and get your equipment in and set up

  2. Determine staffing needs and begin to source employees

  3. Post job listings online/in local media

  4. Develop staff training documentation

    • Cleaning procedures

    • Staff onboarding process

    • Safety procedures

    • Cash handling

A Month Before Launch Food Truck Business

The moment is almost here! Before you welcome your first guest, here are some final tasks to address.

To do:

  1. Set up your point of sale (POS) platform and train employees on how to use it

  2. Organize the cooking space on your truck and any commissary/prep kitchen space

  3. Create Google My Business profiles/locations

  4. Order non-perishable food items

  5. Test recipes, lock in ingredients, and cost everything out

  6. Determine everything you need on the truck to run a service

  7. Finalize your marketing plan and budget

  8. Lock in where your food truck will be operating — if you plan to move around, be sure to keep an organized contact list for all the event managers that schedule trucks

  9. Test all of your equipment

  10. Set up your stations

  11. Host a soft opening at a friendly location

  12. Configure your online ordering system (if Applicable)

    • Set hours of operation, giving yourself a buffer before close of day to ensure orders are able to be completed

    • Upload your menu(s)

    • Take photos of menu items and upload them to your menu

    • Integrate your third-party delivery system with your POS

Lastly, plan your Grand Opening! Your dreams are finally happening, and the big opening was just the start. Now, it's important to handle your money, keep track of your supplies, and take care of your customers.

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